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What Kind Of Property Do We Manage?

We manage 300 flats, bungalows and maisonettes at Glebe Court & Glebe Square situated in the heart of Mitcham, on behalf of the London Borough of Merton, of which around 200 are tenanted and the rest are leaseholders. There is a mixture of 1,2 & 3 bedroom properties.

Who Do We House?

All our tenants are nominated by the London Borough of Merton on the basis of housing need. The Council can nominate directly into a property for up to 50% of vacancies. For the rest of the vacancies they must put forward up to 3 candidates to be interviewed by the Allocation Sub Committee (ASC). The ASC is usually made up of 3 Committee Members plus an observer from the London Borough of Merton. They decide which of the 3 candidates will be housed based on published criteria and their willingness to participate in the running of the TMO.

What About The Tenancy?

Now that the social housing stock has been transferred from the London Borough of Merton to Merton Priory Homes, all previous tenancies will remain the same. If, however, a tenant is signed up after 22nd March 2010, they will be signed up on the new “Assured” tenancy agreement with Merton Priory Homes. Glebe Court TMO will still manage the tenancies of Glebe Court and Glebe Square on behalf of the new Landlord, Merton Priory Homes. As such, tenants will still enjoy the same rights, obligations and duties as any other Merton Priory Homes tenant across the borough of Merton